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Cullman County BLOG


Coming up on the one year anniversary, let's remember what happened to our community last year. a portal to another world opened in Battleground, AL. trust me, we know how that sounds. After a breach of the portal, the military suffered such severe losses that the public was conscripted to fight through the cannibalistic denzenins of a post-apocalyptic world. 


The new recruits suffered 82% losses; however, they finally managed to get the correct codes to our scientists, thus sealing the portal.  


While the anomaly has been contained to Camp Liberty, the portal to the first world has since been lost. New portals to other worlds have opened and closed sporadically at the camp. Like the initial world, these worlds had varying degrees of viral contamination threats. 


The people found through the latest portal however, are considerably friendlier than some of those that they have dealt with before.


They're mostly what we would see as carnies, or circus people. Forget regular stores, bazaars or even trading posts. You want to buy something, you go to a carnival. Or a sideshow. Or a snake oil presentation. You want to learn something, go to the gypsies. Ruling class? Try the circus. The mayor nearest the portal is a clown. No, I mean a REAL clown. All the time.


Our military has been able to make a number of Agreements with them, despite some minor setbacks.  They have allowed us to build a research facility with a local containment field on the far side of a carnival that they set up near the portal’s entrance. At the carnival, you can take part in the local economy. This is an economy that relies heavily on games of chance and skill. Put something shiny in, maybe you'll get something back. 


An inside source has told us that army scientists are studying the people of several worlds,  their viral contagions and how they would affect people like you or i. The clowns are apparently studying how much of “the shiny stuff” they can get out of us. Friendly may be a relative term. 


Now for the even better news, the Military, again,.needs to access the help of the public, both to interact with the inhabitants to “acclimate them to our ways” and to “create lasting bonds of friendship." or so they're telling us.


As fun as this all sounds, unfortunately, the power drain for the containment field is dramatic and really, really rough on the hardware of the field stabilizer. Strange things happen inside the facility when the local containment field fails. Recently worse than others. There was a total security breach, and now we need to send people in to attempt to replace a piece of the containment field stabilizer. We believe a loose patient may have broken it in an attempt to free everyone. However, that is mostly under control. 


This is your moment. Ever been called the class clown? Perfect.